Fengxinlou – GOLDBERG

昏君误国,怨声载道,无数野心家暗起反心。在京城一家青楼的掩饰下,你培养手下、积攒钱财、收集情报、建立人脉,等待兵变夺权的最好时机……《风信楼》是一部拥有海量选项和丰富剧情的高自由度养成游戏——百种不同结局,尽在你的选择之中. Currently only support Simplified Chinese, but hope to release different language versions of the game in the future. Title: 风信楼 (Fengxinlou)Developer: Pingfang GamesPublisher: Pingfang GamesGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG, SimulationRelease Date: 14 Oct, 2021Size: 1.4 GB Note: English language not supported. ...Read More

Wife Quest – GOLDBERG

You’ve got a single purpose in Wife Quest: rescue Fernando, your kidnapped husband, who’s been snatched by Morganna, the Dark Elf. During your adventure, you’ll face Morganna’s companions, the Monster Girls. Help Mia, in this 2D retro platformer, a cute and charismatic former warrior ...Read More
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